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Book two of the following compatible treatments & the lower priced treatment is half price. Treatments available are Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki Healing, Bowen, Hopi Ear Candles, and Part Body Hot Stone Massage.

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Hilary Leach Natural Therapies is based at Renaissance Natural Therapy centre, situated just off Harborne High Street. If you turn into Station Rd it is located on the corner of Station Rd & Clarence Rd in a small Courtyard called Clarence Mews. The centre is at the back of the courtyard, parallel with Clarence Road. I provide a number of natural therapies, including Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Hopi Ear Candles & Reiki Healing.


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    Clarence Mews Our Front Door Renaissance Sign Reception Area My Treatment Room


Aromatherapy Swedish Massage
Aromatherapy Massage is a wonderful way to combine the therapeutic properties of essential oils with the benefits of Therapeutic Swedish Massage. ... Read More

Bowen Therapy
Bowen is a gentle, non-intrusive therapy that stimulates the body to rebalance itself and promotes healing, pain relief and the recovery of vital ... Read More

Hopi Ear Candles
Thermo-Auricular therapy is said to relieve ear, sinus, nose, throat and head problems as well as stimulate the lymph system and the metabolism of ... Read More

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage is a truly relaxing treatment using hot stones of varying sizes on parts of the body, from the shoulders to between the toes. This . Read More

Based on skills known to have been practised for several thousand years by the Chinese and the ancient Egyptians, reflexology involves massage to ... Read More

Reiki Healing
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a system of natural hands-on healing. It is a simple but powerful healing technique that is easily given and received .. Read More


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Hilary Leach


Hilary Leach


07799 591086



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